Recordings for the Workshop

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Hearing the Voice of God         Friday     

We know that our God is a God who speaks to His people as a friend. However, it seems that we often struggle to hear what He says to us. Why is this? What is the secret to hearing the voice of God? Friday night’s session will explore various ways God speaks, with a special focus on hearing the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit? What are the things that can muddle the 'reception' and what are the things that can dial us in to the divine wavelength? Come Friday evening and listen for the voice of the living God. 

Experiencing the Spirit of God     Saturday     

We know the Holy Spirit is God’s presence with us, but at times we do not feel God’s closeness. How does the Holy Spirit create intimacy in our friendship with God? What does it feel like to be immersed or filled with the Spirit? Saturday’s session will explore the experience of God’s Spirit and the fruit and gifts the Spirit brings. We will also ask, ‘how can the Spirit empower us for ministry and move us toward a world in need?’ Come Saturday morning to grow in your friendship with God through the Holy Spirit.