the Cathecumenate

An Apprenticeship with Jesus

An apprenticeship with Jesus for those who would like to experience deeper communion with God, richer fellowship with one another and more effectively engage our world. 

What will I do in the Catechumenate?


Weekly teaching using “To Be A Christian, An Anglican Catechism.”


Regularly finding ways to serve your neighbors.

Tiny Group

Weekly meeting with your small group of about three participants 


Daily prayer and scripture reading using the daily office in the Book of Common Prayer, and weekly worship with Christ the Redeemer.

Why is it called Catechumenate Cohort?

The early church created the catechumenate to help transition converts from pagan Roman culture and into the fellowship of the church. The early church existed in a time when Christianity was in the minority, and those coming from the Roman culture needed a new culture, they needed to be enculturated into the truth, life, and way of Jesus Christ. But it was not merely for new converts it was also a place for Christians to deepen their experience of God as well as learn how to effectively navigate the cultural waters of the Roman Empire. 

The Catechumenate at Christ the Redeemer gets its inspiration from this early church practice, but we have adapted it to fit our cultural context today. The social landscape is different today than it was in the days of the Roman empire, but as our culture becomes post-Christian, we find that the Christian way of life in our secular age is now a minority position the same way it was in the early church. The catechumenate was needed then and it is needed now.  


How much time will this take?

Outside of Sunday worship, it works out to about 2.5-3 hours a week.

Can I just sign up for one cohort?

Yes, you can just sign up for one cohort, unless you are seeking to be baptized or confirmed in which case you would need to participate in all three.

Who will be in my Tiny group?

You will be prayerfully assigned to a tiny group, and each group will be gender-specific. If you and two others would like to be in a tiny group together, you may request to be assigned together. Youth tiny groups will consist of three youths and one adult.