Community Groups

Christ the Redeemer community groups gather regularly to care for one another and grow in Christ together. Community groups are a key aspect of our life together. Most meet weekly in the home of a group member (usually the leader's home), and we get together for prayer, fellowship, and Bible study.
College students are welcome in any community group.
Smith Community Group
Wednesday evenings
Near Daniel High School
Contact Heather Smith
(704) 534-0319

Hackney Community Group
Sunday Evenings
Near SWU campus
Contact Amanda Hackney
(864) 533-5172

Butler Community Group
Wednesday Evenings
Contact Ryan Butler
(803) 847-0011

Marriage Course
Sunday Evening at the church
Space is limited
Contact Laura Hopkins
(864) 952-9497

Zane Community Group
Mentored by Grace
(geared towards college students)
Friday Evenings
At the church
Contact Brenda Zane
(864) 506-1217
Aug.. 27  INTRO:  Flesh vs. Spirit. Galatians 5
Sept 10 Walking Daily Responding to the Spirit/Christ
Sept 24  God’s Approval and Acceptance
Oct. 1  How Renewing Your Mind Works  Ephesians 4
Oct. 15  Hope in _____, not in_________ 1 Peter 1
Oct. 29  Identities in Christ
Nov. 12  Lust and Sin Cycle
Nov. 19  Strength in Weakness
Dec. 3  The Father’s Lavish Lovingkindness