How we are Involved
in the World

Christ the Redeemer engages the needs of the world through partnerships and friendships locally and around the globe. From bringing the good news of Jesus’ love to difficult places overseas to helping a local child with homework, we are blessed to play a role in the godly works being done throughout our community and world.

Our Local Community


During the school year, we provide tutoring for at-risk children at the Pendleton Community Center. Jesus came to serve the most vulnerable, so we are privileged to play a part in caring for these children.

Food Share SC

We are partnering with Food Share SC to help distribute boxes with fresh produce to those in need. The Food Share will operate out of one of the buildings on Greenville Street.

Racial Reconciliation

Since the beginning of Christ the Redeemer, we have desired growth in relationship, love, and justice among blacks and whites. Several times a year we have speakers, attend events, and find other ways of connecting our lives to one another. 


Our mercy fund cares for many people in our church and elsewhere through the Anglican Relief and Development Fund. From providing resources for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one to help in a time of need, we want people to experience the goodness of Jesus.
If you would like to be involved with any of the above please contact us.

Global Community


Through our denomination, the Anglican Church in North America, we are connected to Anglicans world-wide through GAFCON - a network of churches centered in the Global South. As a local congregation we are currently exploring partnerships with Anglican churches and ministries in Rwanda.

Global Partners

Peter & Janet

Serving in a closed country with their three children.

Zach & Noelle Slagel

Serving local and global workers in Albania through counseling, pastoral care, mentoring and spiritual formation.