august 22

COVID-19 Update
In consultation with our bishops, we have decided that we will meet inside this Sunday for the formation hour. Everyone older than 4 years of age will need to wear a mask inside for this to happen.  Also, we will not be providing a live stream inside during the service this Sunday. We will look at beginning the live stream inside when the weather gets cold in the winter.

Formation Hour 9:00
This Sunday, we start our formation hour at 9 am with the Adult catechumenate and children's Sunday School.

Refreshments 10:00
We will have orange juice, pastries, and fruit

Worship 10:30
Last week began our new worship time. We will be coming forward for communion this Sunday. We will still use the small disposable communion cups, but the chalice bearer will hand the cup to you. It will enable us to have prayer ministry again during communion. We will have two prayer ministers next to the welcome flags in the back to pray for those who want to receive prayer. 

Weekly & Monthly Events

Samson Society

Christian men who are serious about authenticity, community, humility, and recovery meet every Thursday evening at the church as the Samson Society. To learn more, contact Joey Maxon at

Worship Night

Go deeper with God in a soul-refreshing night of prayer and worship under the pavilion, every third Wednesday evening of the month. Prayer ministers will be available to pray for personal needs and concerns.

September 15  @ 7pm

greenville Street properties

greenville Street Properties

Several months ago the Church purchased two buildings further down Greenville Street. These buildings were purchased with blessing the community in mind. After lots of hard work from Ansel King and others these buildings are getting closer to being functional for our use. So the question on everyone’s mind is, “How will these buildings be used?” One of the buildings was a restaurant in the past and looks to become a coffee shop/restaurant again. This will be a place for people from all walks of life to gather and break bread or drink coffee. The other building was the former Greenville St. Grocery and it is only fitting that it should once again serve the community by meeting food needs.

We are looking to partner with FoodShare SC to distribute food boxes. The Old Grocery will be the hub for packing and distributing food along with being a place for educating the community about nutrition and how best to use the produce. There will be opportunities for everyone to use their gifts to serve the community in these buildings and I look forward to seeing them up and running soon. 

Future CTR building


This month, your Building Committee met with our architectural partners, LS3P of Greenville, who have been working toward incorporating the ideas received through our congregational feedback meetings into a more tangible vision. Although many development questions remain unanswered, they presented a few broad-strokes recommendations for a master plan of our property to help us think through our options as we move forward. Over the coming weeks, we will continue to meet with LS3P refining our input into a master plan and concept design. Our current building fund balance is $108,847.