At Christ the Redeemer we partner with our families as they seek to nurture their teenager's spiritual formation.

Youth Night

The youth gather weekly to enjoy fellowship, prayer, and Bible teaching.

Youth Mission Trips

There are regular opportunities for youth to get outside themselves and serve their neighbors in another place.


 Every so often we take our youth away for a weekend to retreat from the world to learn, pray, and fellowship.


Studies show that youth who stay in the church after high school are those who have been meaningfully integrated into the life of the church. We, therefore, prioritize and value the presence of our youth in the gathered worship of God’s people. We seek to promote intergenerational relationships as they serve alongside adults in every aspect of our Sunday services.


Once youth are going into the 8th grade they have the opportunity to participate in a season of preparation concluding with a special service where they confirm the faith promised to them at their baptism. 
Contact Pastor Luke Rasmussen for more information or to get involved.